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Quartet Over the Door Drying Rack

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Quartet Over the Door Drying Rack - Open Box

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Leifheit Quartet Over the Door Drying Rack

Dry your clothes without using any energy with the Leifheit Quartet Over the Door Drying Rack (81410OB). Air drying is good for the environment and gentle on your clothes, but sometimes space does not permit this option. With the over the door design of the Quartet, you can have the advantages of an air drying system in small spaces and can integrate just about anywhere. The wide hooks let you attach the drying rack to windows, balconies, showers, banisters or over a door.

With over six (6) feet of drying space, you can hang plenty of laundry to dry at the same time and the sleek, efficient design is ideal for your delicate laundry items. The perfect solution for smaller living spaces like apartments or dorm rooms, there is no assembly required and its compact design is guaranteed to be unobtrusive. Be kind to the environment and your energy bill by air drying your laundry with the Leifheit Quartet Over the Door Drying Rack.

  • Capacity:

    Over six (6) feet of drying space, this drying rack is ideal for delicate items

  • Versatile:

    Wide hooks allow the unit to adjust and be hung over windows, on balconies, over doors, in showers, or even on banisters

  • Foldable:

    Easily fold this rack together when finished for convenient storage