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Rollfix Retracting Clothesline

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Rollfix Retracting Clothesline

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Leifheit Rollfix Retracting Clothesline - White

Dry your clothes without using any energy with the Leifheit Rollfix Retracting Clothesline (83040). With its sleek, retractable design, this mounted clothes dryer offers an abundance of space for energy-saving air drying, which is gentle on your clothes and good for the environment. The clothesline is retractable so the lines mount between any two opposite walls or surfaces. It has five (5) lines that extend to over 13 feet, providing nearly 69 feet of drying space. Adjust and tighten the clothesline through the use of the thumb screw on the side of the line mount. When the retractable clothesline is not in use, the line automatically winds up, keeping your line clean, tangle-free, and out of the way.

  • Capacity:

    Five (5) lines extend to over 13 feet providing nearly 69 feet of drying space

  • Retractable:

    When not in use the lines can unhooked and kept safely out of he way and untangled

  • Use:

    You can place the clothesline anywhere between opposite walls, whether it's a bathroom, basement, garage, or outdoor patio

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