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Professional 24 Inch Wine Cellar with Black Cabinet and Locking Glass Door

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Professional 24 Inch Wine Cellar with Black Cabinet and Locking Glass Door - Open Box

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Marvel Professional 24" Wine Cellar w/ Black Cabinet and Locking Glass Door - Black/Stainless Steel

Store your wine collection at the perfect temperature when you use the Marvel Professional 24 Inch Wine Cellar with Black Cabinet and Locking Glass Door (MPRO6WCM-BS-LROB). This slim wine cellar allows you to keep your wines cool inside your kitchen, game room, garage, or anywhere else you might want it. As a built-in unit, you can keep it flush with cabinetry and build it under the counter for easy access. With six (6) glide out wine racks featuring stainless steel fronts, this wine cellar can hold up to 54 bottles, so you can entertain your guests or keep wine chilled for that special romantic evening.

Accurate temperature controls allow you to keep the wine cellar at optimal wine chilling temperatures, whether you are storing red or white wines, and the temperature controls range from 40 to 65 degrees F. The stainless steel design gives this wine cellar a modern, professional look, while the full-length bar handle ensures that your wine cellar will be the envy of all your friends. The dual-paned glass door features a UV-resistant tint that helps to protect your wines from harsh light that can ruin the integrity of your bottles. Perfect for any wine connoisseur or collector, this cellar will protect your wines and keep them ready to serve at any time.

  • LED Lighting:

    Soft blue LED lighting highlights your collection without exposing it to harsh rays, so your wines will be safe and comfortable in the cellar

  • Close Door Assist:

    The close door assist hinging system helps keep the door on the cellar closed, even when it is accidentally left ajar

  • Vibration-Free:

    A vibration neutralization system helps to protect your wines from vibrations that can damage your wine bottles and mess with the wines settling in the cooler