Metrokane Retro Ice Crusher White  Model:7177


  • Height: 10.15"
  • Width: 5"
  • Depth: 6.5"
  • Metrokane Retro Ice Crusher White
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    Description & Highlights

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    Metrokane brings back the original 50's ice crusher. This blast from the past crushes up to a quart of ice in 2 minutes and is ideal for frozen margaritas and daiquiris and to serve food on a bed of ice.

    Specifications & Manuals

  • Heavy-duty all-metal top with polished-chrome finish
  • Crushes up to a quart of ice in 2 minutes
  • Lifetime warranty on moving parts
  • Makes both coarse and fine crushed ice
  • Ideal for frozen margaritas and daiquiris and to serve food on a bed of ice
  • Customer Reviews

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    Metrokane Retro Ice Crusher 3.7 5 19 23
    Crushing Ice This works fast and effectively. Since you are the motor that crushes the ice I expected it to be harder but the blades are so sharp it works almost without needing extra force and it is fast! January 23, 2014
    Great Purchase! Exactly what I wanted - something that makes smaller ice and is easy to use. Smaller size makes it easy to store but it still makes a couple cups of ice in less than a minute. I would recommend this product. September 23, 2012
    It does what it claims I was looking for an ice crusher that didn't make 'snow', #which turned into a glob of ice after adding liquid# or ice pellets so fine they melted soon after adding a warm liquid. This manual ice crusher makes small ice chips ideal for 'on-the-rocks cocktails', or other drinks reqiiring ice. It's easy to use. In fact one would have to be an absolute dummy if they couldn't get this crusher to work to satisfaction. Most of all, the price was just right. July 9, 2012
    I feel like Goldilocks! It's just right! After nearly a year of searching for an ice crusher that gave me what I consider the perfect sized crushed ice and is easy to use, I have finally found it...this Metrokane Retro Ice Crusher. While searching, I developed a new hobby of collecting mid century and antique ice crushers, which has turned out to be an interesting hobby that few others have, but that surely wasn't my original intention. I suffer from constant cotton mouth for reasons my doctor has yet to diagnose. Forget water, juice, coffee or soda; crushed ice is all that helps my mouth feel normal. In addition to a bunch of manual ice crushers, I even bought a new refrigerator with an ice crusher in the door! I needed a refrigerator anyway, thank goodness, because I'm not happy with its crushed ice and would hate for it to be a complete waste of money. It has taken me one electric ice crusher in my fridge and eight manual ones to find my Goldilocks of crushed ice! This Metrokane is perfect! It gives me just the right size of ice pieces without big chunks finding their way into my mug. The plastic ice catcher is just about a quart so I don't have to empty it into my 56oz. mega mug but twice to fill it. The handle turns quite easily too. After so many manual ice crushers, I can say with confidence that they all sort of move around the counter when using them unless you buy one with a wall mount. It's the nature of the beast! But this Metrokane is a lot better than others. The weight of the top piece helps keep it in place. It has a good size base, so it is well balanced. The top part IS heavy, but it lifts right off its base with ease when the catcher is full. The handle has never pinched me either. The crusher holds many more ice cubes, so the process of filling my mug with ice is accomplished quickly (and it needs to be done quickly! I go through around 6 to 8 of these full mugs daily, so it would be a real pain if it took me a long time to fill the mug each time.) I have another Metrokane, a reproduction of a 1939 deco ice crusher, and the size of the crushed ice is comparable to the Retro, but it's so easy to scrape your knuckles on its heavy metal base, and it has the smallest ice catcher of them all, plus it only takes a few ice cubes at a time. The final straw is that it's so cool looking that no one wants to mess up the paint job on it by using it! So it's been delegated to becoming part of my 'collection', and it looks great there too. This Retro Metrokane has fixed all the problems of the 1939 reproduction (and original too!), yet it's still an interesting looking piece. Using it doesn't threaten the finish or the look, and my knuckles stay safe! Who could ask for more? Now please excuse me. I've gorged myself eating crushed ice and am feeling quite sleepy. That bed over there looks juuuuust right. G'night. May 28, 2011
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