Houdini Corkscrew Wine Opener - Velvet Black

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Metrokane Houdini Corkscrew Wine Opener - Velvet Black

The quality of the Houdini Corkscrew Wine Opener (2807) is assured, since is manufacutured by the same company that developed the popular Rabbit Corkscrew, Metrokane. The “Houdini” Corkscrew gets its name from its magical operation at a price point under $50.00. There are not many lever-style corkscrews that features all-metal gears at this price. The Houdini is ergonomically superior to other corkscrews in its class. This unit features handles that turn down for an easy grip.

Metrokane designs housewares products that are unique and proprietary with broad consumer appeal. Metrokane has brought a higher standard of style and sophistication to wine and bar accessories than previously thought possible. Each corkscrew, wine preserver, juicer, or ice crusher is constructed to be both reliably functional as well as a work of art. With Metrokane Designs, you have a wonderful resource for products of unsurpassed quality, design and workmanship.


  • Model: 2807
    Metrokane Houdini Corkscrew Wine Opener
  • Brand: Metrokane
    User-friendly ergonomic design
  • High luster black finish
    Opens any size wine bottle
  • Pulls the cork out of a bottle in 3 seconds
    Foil cutter included
  • All gear teeth made of hardened metal
    Handy storage tray