Morningware Halo Oven Deluxe - Black  Model:HO1200M-DL-WOR


  • Height: 13"
  • Width: 11"
  • Depth: 14"
  • Morningware Halo Oven Deluxe - Black
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    Morningware Halo Oven Deluxe - Black

    make sure your meals are cooked perfectly when you use the Morningware Halo Oven Deluxe (HO1200M-DL-WOR). This cooking ware uses four (4) cooking methods to ensure optimal taste and thorough cooking: conduction, convection, halogen, and infrared cooking. These four methods allow you to cook foods quicker than conventional uses, and the oven is more energy efficient, saving you time and money in the process. With a temperature setting between 185 and 400 degrees F, you can cook any type of meal that fits, no matter how thick the cut or how much food there is.

    With this deluxe oven, there is no need to preheat or defrost your meats, as it will take care of it without ruining the quality of the meal. The odorless and smokeless cooking ensures a safe cooking environment, while the digital powerhead makes it easy to cook meals with just the touch of a button. All parts - except the powerhead - are dishwasher safe, so there will be no need to worry about cleaning the oven every time you use it. Ideal for any kitchen, this oven will help you with any meal you cook for your family or friends.

    • Dual-Level Rack:

      A dual-leveled wire rack ensures that your meats and sides will be cooked evenly and thoroughly, making them safe to eat

    • Uses Four (4) Cooking Methods:

      This oven utilizes convection, conduction, halogen, and infrared cooking to ensure that your meals are cooked thoroughly

    • Easy to Clean:

      The tempered glass tray, stainless steel rack, and plastic dome allow you to clean the oven inside the dishwasher for a much easier cleaning experience

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: HO1200M-DL-WOR
    • Brand: Morningware
    • Four (4) way cooking technology
    • Uses conduction, convection, halogen, and infrared cooking
    • Faster cooking then conventional ovens
    • More energy efficient than traditional ovens
    • No need to preheat or defrost
    • Odorless and smokeless cooking
    • Temperature range: 185-400 degrees F
    • Dishwasher safe except for powerhead
    • Features keep warm mode
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Morningware Halo Oven Deluxe
    • Digital powerhead
    • Stainless steel grill
    • Dual-leveled wire rack
    • Tempered glass tray
    • FDA-approved plastic dome
    • Recipe book included
    • Input voltage: 120 V/60 Hz
    • Power: 1200 W
    • Weight: 15 lbs
    • Dimensions: 13" H x 11" W x 14" D

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