Napoleon PTSS215E $299.00

Freestyle Portable Grill

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Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.


Freestyle Portable Grill

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Napoleon Freestyle Portable Grill

Grill mouthwatering food on the go with the Napoleon Freestyle Portable Grill (PTSS215E). This versatile yet compact grill allows you to make your favorite meals no matter what your location. Portable features on this grill include foldable stainless steel legs that give the grill a solid base while in use, and fold up into a compact size for storing or transporting the grill. This grill utilizes electric power to fuel its 14,000 BTU burner so that this grill is clean, easy, and more portable as it removes the need to transport a propane tank to go along with it. Above the burner is an aluminum non-stick surface that keeps your food intact and makes cleaning easier than ever.

Underneath the grill is a table top drip pan that can be removed, cleaned and replaced. The overall cooking area of the grill is 215 sq. in. which is compact enough to where the grill isn't to large to carry, but also large enough to give you a wide cooking area so you can cook for the entire family. Inside the grill is a foldable 105 sq. in. warming rack that further adds to the cooking options and the versatility of this grill. Housed in beautiful and durable stainless steel, this grill is perfect for the avid camper, trips to the beach, or the space conscious condo, just plug it in and create your grilling masterpieces.

  • Electronic Power:

    The 14,000 BTU burner is powered electronically, making this grill clean and easy to transport

  • Foldable Legs:

    Foldable legs help make the grill compact enough to stick in the back of a car but also sturdy while in use

  • Removable Dip Tray:

    Cleaning this grill is incredibly easy with a removable and washable dip tray