Grill Cover for the Mirage 730 Grill

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Napoleon Grill Cover for the Mirage 730 Grill - Black

Keep your grill free from the inclement weather when you cover it with the Napoleon Grill Cover for the Mirage 730 Grill (63730). Allowing your gas grill to be covered from rain or snow (and even heat!) allows it to last much longer than it would if it were exposed to the elements. Made of a tough and durable material, these covers will ensure the safety and upkeep of your grill, while the breathable material allows the grill some air to breathe, which is great for keeping it in suitable condition.

This cover is made of water- and heat-resistant fabric to give your grill much needed relief from the weather no matter where it is located. It will also ensure a tight fit around the grill for a better protection, but you can still rest assured that the cover can come off of the grill just as easily as it is put on. A tight fit allows maximum protection from high winds, insects, and rain water or snow, all of which could easily harm your grill if not properly protected. Ideal for the griller amongst your family or friends, this cover will ensure protection for your grill so it will be available for parties and BBQs for years to come!

  • Protects from Elements:

    This durable grill cover keeps the grill protected from inclement weather, including rain, snow, sleet, and anything else mother nature might throw at it

  • Perfect Fitting:

    Make sure your grill cover fits perfectly around the grill to ensure that it is fully protected from possible threats like insects, rain water, snow, and much more

  • Durable Material:

    A water- and heat-resistant material ensures protection from the elements, as well as extreme cold and heat, so your grill will be protected wherever it may be
  • Model: 63730
    Napoleon Grill Cover for the Mirage 730 Grill
  • Brand: Napoleon
    Protects your grill from the elements
  • Fits the Mirage 730 model grill
    Fits perfectly around the grill to keep insects and rain water out
  • Made of heavy duty PVC polyester
    Weight: 5 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year
    Dimensions: 50" H x 77" W x 28" D

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