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Artesian Hot N' Cold POU Water Cooler

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Artesian Hot N' Cold POU Water Cooler

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Oasis Artesian Hot N' Cold POU Water Cooler

Bring style and class to your kitchen or break room with the Oasis Artesian Hot N' Cold POU Water Cooler (504540C). Oasis built this water cooler with the idea of convenience in mind and this theme comes through in every aspect of its design. A higher dispense point makes fresh drinking water available to anyone no matter their size or stature. The water filter is designed to be easily accessible and easily removed for replacement. There is also a built in handle on the back of the cooler so that transportation and movement of the cooler is pain free.

The cold water thermostat is controlled via a thermostat knob on the back of the unit that is easily accessible, that has an off position for energy savings. A separate hot water thermostat is also built in with a safety timer, so you can feel comfortable with the cooler heating your water to precisely the point you want it. A large and durable dip tray is built in to prevent overflow to eliminate accident dripping on floors or surrounding areas. The appearance of this water cooler is created to match contemporary kitchens or break room decors, with stainless steel sides and bottoms, and a black high density polyethylene front panel. A built in lock out feature allows you to easily keep your cooler from accidentally pouring water when moving or other inappropriate times. This water cooler is built with all the features that make a luxury water cooler, but with convenience and ease of use in mind.

  • Adjustable Thermostat:

    An easy to use adjustable thermostat knob lets you choose what temperature you want your cooler poring at

  • Large Dip Tray:

    A large durable dip tray eliminates unwanted spilling on surrounding floors and surfaces

  • Stylish Design:

    Stainless steel and tough black high density polyethylene couple to allow give this water cooler a modern contemporary appearance