Pony Pump

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Pony Pump

The Pony Pump is a compact air pump that fits any American-style single-valve keg. It is the most convenient portable pump system on the market.This unit is ideal for picnics, parties, or any social gathering. Compact in size, the complete system—pump, tubing, and faucet—weighs just 12 ounces. The probe which opens the keg valves is molded as an integral part of the one-piece pump body. This simplifies the pump and eliminates linkages and other moving parts. The pump body seal makes positive contact with the keg valve body as the probe first touches the valve. The seal is firmly compressed as the probe pushes the valves open. This prevents any “spritz” from the pressure in the keg. The Pressure Release Vent serves two purposes. First, it eliminates foaming caused by over-pumping. Second, it allows the user to safely relieve pressure from the keg before removing the pump. It can be quickly disassembled for cleaning. The pump body, tubing, and faucet can be immersed and rinsed in plain tap water. Its size and low cost make it attractive to small groups and individuals that had not previously considered owning their own keg tapping equipment.


  • Model: PP501
    Pony Pump
  • Handy size and weight
    Pressure relief vent
  • Stationary probe
    Low cost
  • 'No-spritz' seal
    Easy cleaning