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Ducting Vent Adapter

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Ducting Vent Adapter

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Port-A-Cool Ducting Vent Adapter for 16" Units

The Port-A-Cool Ducting Adapter (PAC-ADP-16) fits easily onto the front of your cooler's housing so that cool airflow can be ducted into a specific area. This durable adapter is constructed of a non-corrosive, one-piece mold polyethylene plastic, and simply screws onto the unit with four screws. The Adapter is compatible with all 16" Port-A-Cool Evaporative Air Cooler models. While it is necessary to purchase standard 12 inch ducting separately, it is readily available at most hardware stores.

  • Compatibility:

    Compatible with 16" Port-A-Cool units - PACJS1600 & PAC163SVT

  • Efficient:

    Allows for focused air cooling

  • Simple Install:

    Little tools are necessary with simple four-screw install