Digital Deep Fryer Silver

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Presto Digital ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer - Silver

Admit it, there are times when we all crave comfort food - golden fried chicken, piping hot catfish, crispy French fries, even ooey-gooey fried Twinkies! The Presto Digital ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer is the perfect solution! This roomy digital deep fryer is an easy-to-use, self-contained frying unit, so there's little mess. The lid has slots to accommodate the prongs of the fry basket so it can remain sealed during the frying process to prevent spattering. Plus, this unit has a grease filter that cuts down on the fine spray of oil that can occur with standard open-top fryers.

The Digital ProFry fits easily on most kitchen countertops, and the stylish finish of gray matte aluminum with black accents fits nicely into almost decor. The removable enameled oil pot holds up to nine cups of oil or four pounds of shortening for family-size batches of food. The easy-to-read digital controls and display feature an adjustable thermostat, 30-minute countdown timer, and LED signal light indicates when the oil has reached ideal temperatures. Also, the fry basket is designed to easily hook to the unit and allow for quick, efficient draining of the excess oil.

Other key features include: removable pot and lift-out control assembly for easy clean-up; temperature indicator light; fryer lid; frying basket with removable handle; easy-clean grease filter; and a 1-year warranty. This model also boasts some of the best safety features available in a deep fryer. The power cord has a magnetic safety connection that allows the cord to disconnect if the unit is jostled during cooking, plus an automatic shut-off function in the event of overheating. The Presto Digital ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer (model 05462) brings all the features and performance of a professional deep fryer right into your own kitchen!
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