Rock Fountain Collector

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

RTS Rock Fountain Collector - Faux Rock

Upgrade your garden's aesthetic with the RTS Rock Fountain Collector (5512-000100-9100). This attractive garden accessory gives the look of a mini waterfall in your yard with its rain collecting and water fountain capabilities.

Its rain collector on top features a screen to catch debris and a built-in water pump for distribution. Use its three (3) spigots for easy water access and fill up watering cans or hook it up to a garden hose.

  • Attractive Exterior:

    The faux stacked rock housing allows for contemporary rain water collection and distribution

  • Dual Function:

    This garden accessory doubles as a rain collector and a water fountain

  • Easy Distribution:

    With three (3) spigots at different heights, it's easy to fill up watering cans or hook up garden hoses