Rock Lock Wall System Consumer Pack

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

RTS Rock Lock Wall System Consumer Pack - 4 Straight Pieces, 3 End Rocks, 5 Spikes

Piece together a perfect backyard landscape with Rock Lock outdoor wall systems. The interlocking boarder pieces look and feel like authentic landscaping stone but weigh only nine pounds per section. Their durable textured finish is completely weatherproof, UV resistant and guaranteed not to crack or chip in extreme weather. When used to section off a garden or contain individuals plants, the Rock Lock system actually improves and extends the growing season as the hollow walls act as insulation for the soil and plant roots.

This Rock Lock consumer pack (5506-000700-0000) contains four straight wall sections, three end rocks and five steel spikes. Each wall piece is approximately 48 inches long and looks as though it is constructed of three rock layers. The included straight pieces can also be interlocked with curved pieces (sold separately), allowing for endless layout possibilities. Customize your own flower bed, retaining wall or sandbox and rock your yard this year!

Note: 28" steel spikes are used to secure multiple wall pieces together and anchor the entire wall system to the ground. End pieces are also needed to fill end gaps and complete the wall. This set includes five steel spikes and 3 end pieces, additional spikes and end rocks sold separately.

  • Easy Assembly:

    Each section of the Rock Lock system weighs only nine pounds and easily interlocks with other pieces, making the building process simple and manageable for people of all ages

  • Endless Layout Possibilities:

    Straight and curved pieces are interchangeable and can be interlocked with each other. Choose to build a single layer wall which stands about ten inches high, or a taller, double layer wall that stands about 20 inches high


  • Model: 5506-000700-0000
    RTS Rock Lock Wall System Consumer Pack
  • Rock Lock interlocking wall system
    Looks and feels like authentic landscaping stone
  • Included sections interlock with other straight or curved pieces
    Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Each piece is hollow, 9 pounds each
    Insulates soil and plant roots