Reliable E3 $499.00

EnviroMate E3 Steam Cleaner with Accessories

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EnviroMate E3 Steam Cleaner with Accessories

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Reliable Enviromate Boiler Steam Cleaner - White

Clean and sanitize your floors with the Reliable EnviroMate E3 Steam Cleaner(E3). This unit is perfect for those who are looking for an alternative method to cleaning and sanitizing their home, office, or car without the use of harsh chemicals. This cleaning unit includes an efficient and flexible 7 foot detachable steam hose to clean those hard-to-reach spots.

Using this steam cleaner is a safer alternative to treating stains with harsh chemicals, and it is also a better method to use for the environment. Using only water, the 2 liter tank on this unit allows you more time to clean and does so with nothing that will harm you or your family. You can also say goodbye to buying cleaning chemicals and products every few weeks, allowing you to save more money and time.

  • Low Cost:

    Using only water to fill the 2 liter stainless steel tank, there is little cost to operate

  • Safe to Use:

    This steamer uses water instead of harsh chemicals and cleaners

  • Reaches Anywhere:

    This portable cleaner can reach hard-to-see areas so you don't have to