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Showtime Rotisserie - Platinum

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Showtime Rotisserie - Platinum - Scratch / Dent

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This "Scratch & Dent" product is in very good working condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with moderate to severe scratches/dents on one or more panels. The product has been tested for quality assurance and is certified “Fully Operational”. Please Note: The majority of "Scratch & Dent" units include the original manufacturer’s warranty but are not eligible for a "buyer’s remorse" return.

Ronco Showtime Platinum Rotisserie

Ronco Showtime Rotisseries are the original "set it and forget it" rotisserie ovens. True to the slogan, this oven features a simple push-button timer that is easy to use and ideal for leaving food to cook on its own as the power automatically shuts off when the time is up. This convenient function ensures that your meal is cooked adequately every time and helps to prevent overcooking. The unit's digital control panel also includes a variety of settings that enhance its slow cooking capabilities including normal rotation, no heat rotation and pause-to-sear options.

The Showtime Rotisserie Platinum version (ST5000PLGEN) can cook up to a 15 lb turkey and comes with a wealth of accessories designed to make your cooking experience easier. The carving base is handy when it comes to preparing and serving your food and the included non-stick rotisserie basket, drip tray, grate cover and spit rod are all dishwasher safe. Also included with each unit are extra food ties, an instructional BBQ cooking DVD, BBQ gloves to protect your hands, and a recipe booklet for healthy meal ideas.

  • Bonus Items:

    In addition to the other accessories listed, the Platinum version also includes a smaller speed basket, liquid and solid flavor injectors, 8 kabob rods, a heat reflector, cooking thermometer and 50 food ties

  • Variety of Uses:

    Use the spit rods for cooking larger items such as turkey or BBQ chicken and the rotisserie baskets (regular size and smaller "speed" basket) for hamburgers, vegetables, fish or anything smaller

  • Healthier Cooking:

    Cooks meats perfectly as it naturally seals in juices and drains off unwanted fat as it cooks. On average, the rotisserie removes about 1/4 a cup of fat per every 4 lbs of meat

  • Easy Cleaning:

    The glass door and non-stick parts are all dishwasher safe (including rotisserie basket, drip tray, grate cover, and spit rod assembly)