SoleAire Personal Circulator

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Vornado SoleAire Personal Circulator - Warm or Cool

The Vornado SoleAire Personal Circulator (SOLEAIRE) allows you to keep warm and comfortable on even the coldest of days.  As one of the latest concepts in personal heating, this ingenious electric foot warmer transfers heat directly from your feet and then upwards through your entire body. Moreover, the SoleAire includes a fan function that allows you to stay cool and use the unit year-round!

Featuring an ergonomic design that fits perfectly under your desk or favorite chair, the Vornado SoleAire warms or cools your personal space to your desired comfort level and is perfect for the home or office. Surface bumps on the tops and sides of the heater provide passive foot massage and even promote better posture. Low-wattage consumption reduces circuit overloads, making the SoleAire extremely office-friendly.

Other great features include overheat protection, a reset fuse, and a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Advanced safety features:

    Automatic shutoff and advanced construction ensure even, safe heating.

  • Dual use:

    With both a fan and a heating element, the Vornado SoleAir Personal Circulator is perfect for any conditions year round.

  • Small size:

    Takes up little space, which makes it perfect for under your desk, table or other surface.  Just 11.875"L x 13.75"W x 5.875"H total!
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