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MinusA2 Air Purifier w/ Germ Filter

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MinusA2 Air Purifier w/ Germ Filter

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Six stage purification with customized filter purifies up to 700 square feet!

Breathe easier with the RabbitAir MinusA2 700 Sq. Ft. Air Purifier (SPA700AG, SPA700AP, SPA700AT, SPA700AO). Designed to not only improve your air quality but also your quality of life, this intelligent air purifier ensures that up to 700 sq. ft. of your home or business is free of harmful air pollutants and irritants.

  • Powerful Purification Capabilities:

    This impressive RabbitAir unit is powerful enough to completely purify the air in a room up to 700 sq. ft. not only once but twice in the span of one hour

  • Ultra Quiet Operation:

    Although powerful, this air purifier is also refreshingly quiet while in operation, even offering a Silent Mode for those times when peace and quiet is a necessity

  • Energy Star Rated:

    You’ll be able to keep your energy costs low due to this unit’s Energy Star Rated energy-efficient operation

  • Modern Design:

    This air purifier’s slim and sleek design ensures that you won’t have to sacrifice space or style for clean breathable air

  • Six-Stage Purification:

    To ensure that any and all pollutants are removed from your air, this unit has a thorough six-stage purification system, including a BioGS HEPA filter, a charcoal based activated carbon filter, and a custom filter of your choice

  • Custom Filter Options:

    Because not all filtration needs are the same, RabbitAir allows you to choose a custom filter that will best meet your air purification needs- Choose between the Germ Defense Filter, Pet Allergy Filter, Toxin Absorber Filter & Odor Remover Filter, each specifically designed to remove its specified irritant for up to 2 years without replacement

  • BioGS HEPA Filter:

    Able to maintain optimal filter efficiency, alleviate household odors, reduce bacteria growth and trap allergens, the included BioGS HEPA Filter has bio-engineered fibers that work to break down organic compounds, allowing it to do so much more than a typical HEPA filter

  • Charcoal Based Activated Carbon Filter:

    Not your average carbon filter, this unit’s carbon filter is porous, charcoal based and has a large internal surface area that allows it to eliminate household odors, as well as harmful chemical smells

  • Air Quality Indication & Monitoring:

    An innovative Air Quality Indicator light changes colors based on the air quality in the surrounding area while the Auto Mode is able to alter fan speed and efficiency based on the room's conditions

  • Custom Fan Speeds:

    Choose from five (5) available fan speeds to customize filtration efforts, as well as noise output, whenever your preferences change

  • Odor Sensor:

    The intelligent odor sensor is able to detect unsavory odors and increase fan speed accordingly

  • Calm-Inducing Alternating Lights:

    This unit is the only air purifier in America that has alternating lights, which are designed to sooth and relax you

  • Child Safety Auto Shut Off:

    To keep you and your loved ones safe, this unit will automatically shut off if the front panel is removed

  • Control Panel Features:

    This unit features an easy-to-use and easy-to-read control panel that allows you to view, customize and maintain your air purifier's many settings

  • Remote Control:

    Due to the included remote control, you can maintain and change settings from anywhere in the room