1300W Induction Cooktop - Black

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Sunpentown 1300W Electric Induction Cooktop

The Sunpentown 1300W Induction Cooktop - Black (SR-1891B) gives you the energy savings, convenience, and cooking versatility of induction cooking at an affordable price. Unlike other electric elements, induction elements provide the precise temperature control of gas burners for gourmet cooking. The innovative design of the ceramic plate creates instant heat, but only to induction-compatible pans

The Sunpentown 1300W Induction Cooktop - Black (SR-1891B) features a high-quality ceramic glass surface made in Japan. The SR-1891B offers precise temperature control, multiple power settings, energy efficiency and overall safety.

  • Safe Cooking:

    No flames, butane or burners eliminates the danger associated with gas jets and hot burners

  • Clean:

    Induction cooking reduces pollution, fumes and offensive odor. The unit is easily cleaned with a damp cloth

  • Money and Energy Saving:

    Costs 6 ~ 8¢ to operate vs. $1.75/hr for butane used in gas cooking appliances


  • Model: Sunpentown
    Sunpentown 1300W Induction Cooktop - Black
  • Brand: SR-1891B
    Up to 90% efficiency
  • Dual functions: Cook (adds heat) and Warm (maintain temperature)
    Auto shut-off protection
  • 20 power settings (300 ~ 1300W)
    Overheat protection
  • 3 temperature/keep warm settings (140°F - 167°F - 194°F)
    Power consumption: 1300W
  • Up to 9 hours and 50 minutes timer
    Input voltage: 120V / 60Hz
  • LCD panel for Timer and Power
    Net weight: 6.75 lbs