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VersaMist 18" Misting Fan

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VersaMist 18" Misting Fan

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Schaefer VersaMist 18" Misting Fan - Grey

When its warm outside, you can stay cool with the Schaefer VersaMist 18" Misting Fan (PVM18). This portable misting system has a three (3) speed motor and can be attached to a ten (10) gallon water tank, while the 25-foot outdoor rated power cord lets your fan get power even in the outdoors. It is perfect for use almost anywhere, from the pool to camping, or from picnics to construction sites.

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is attached to the outdoor power cord for power safety for your fan. Equipped with a power cutoff tip switch, this fan includes one (1) extra nozzle and (2) plugs. The white powder coated fan is mounted to a yoke that is attached to the pump enclosure, while the hub increases the air flow and releases mist into the air stream.

  • Outdoor Use:

    Perfect for outdoor areas like construction sites, picnics, or camping

  • Outdoor-Rated Power Cord:

    The 25 foot cord is equipped with a GFCI for safety in the outdoors

  • 10 Gallon Tank:

    Can run for a long time without refilling