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Slant/Fin Futura Portable Heater

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Slant/Fin Futura Portable Baseboard Heater

Slant/Fin Futura electric portable heaters are engineered to combine natural convection heating, comfort and safety in a compact design. This compact, baseboard style heater offers 5120 BTU of heating power with great safety features that will keep your home safe. Why is the Slant Fin FE1500 so special?
  • The Futura creates a wider, deeper comfort zone than ordinary spot heaters, radiators or fan-forced heaters by drawing cool air from the floor and heating the air with an exclusive "Dyna-Vection" jumbo finned electric heating element. The Futura creates natural convection air currents which warm the room- not just the immediate area.
  • No fan. No moving parts. Just silence! Fan forced heaters require a fan principally to prevent the glowing element from dangerously overheating. The Futura produces a naturally convected air flow through the "Dyna-Vection" jumbo finned element. Heated air flows out freely without the need for a fan.
  • Safer operation: The Futura heating element is safety jacketed inside an aluminum-finned steel tube. There are no dangerous glowing coils as in ordinary resistance heaters. Other safety features include: Full length high temperature safety shut-ff, audible safety alarm, indicator lights for "on" and "heat", and a rugged steel enclosure.
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