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Aquila Humidifier - White

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Stadler Form

Aquila Humidifier - White

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Stadler Form "Aquila" Ultrasonic Mini Humidifier - White

Simultaneously hydrate and decorate any room with Stadler Form's Aquila Humidifier (EMS-164), the smaller "mini" version of Hydra. Known as the "little BIG" humidifier, Aquila humidifies rooms up to 250 sq ft, an impressive area for an appliance that doesn't exceed 10 inches in any direction.

Unlike humidifiers that boil water or require distilled water to operate, ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate water at an extremely high frequency, releasing tiny droplets that form an ultra fine fog in the air. To prevent minerals and bacteria in the reservoir from contaminating the droplets, Aquila is equipped with an anti-calcium cartridge and Ionic Silver Cube™. The Ionic Silver Cube™ maintains water purity in the reservoir while the anti-calcium cartridge removes minerals and calcification from the newly emitted moisture..

  • Soft Illumination:

    Aquila's soft inner light beautifully illuminates the surrounding area while humidifying

  • Anti-Calcium Cartridge:

    The ion exchanger in the cartridge removes minerals in the water and effectively prevents the white dust often created by ultrasonic systems and collected on nearby objects