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Max Fan Heater - White

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Stadler Form

Max Fan Heater - White

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Stadler Form Max Fan Heater - White - M-006

Stadler Form's Max Fan Heater (M-006) heats up any space in style during cold weather. This reliable fan heater is quiet and elegant, capable of being just a fan during the summer and a toasty heater during the winter. With 3 solid weighted metal legs, Max is sure-footed enough for any carpet or uneven surface. His award-winning design goes great with contemporary home and office furnishings.

Max is your best friend during seasonal transitions when the main heat is shut off. With 750-1500W of power mated to an infinitely adjustable thermostat dial, Max knows just how to keep you comfortable. Thermal overload protection adds safety, and a frost-protection circuit protects unattended rooms from frost damage.

  • Award-winning design:

    Max has received awards from Chicago Housewares and the Accent on Design Award at the International Gift Show New York

  • Whisper-quiet operation:

    Enjoy warmth in the depths of winter without the background noise - Max makes less than 40 dB of sound

  • Frost-protection circuit:

    Protect a room from frost damage while it's unattended by preventing room temperature from falling below about 40°F. The appliance switches on automatically at about 40° and off again at about 45°