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Everyday Steam Cleaner

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Everyday Steam Cleaner

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Steamfast Everyday Steam Cleaner - SF-210

Utilize the power of steam clean technology in a single hand with the Steamfast Everyday Steam Cleaner (SF-210). This amazing device is incredibly powerful, while still maintaining a compact design that is easy to store and requires only a single hand to operate. Steam clean technology amazingly cuts through even the toughest stains without the need of hazardous and expensive chemicals.

This steamer is unique from other similar steamers in that it has steam on demand technology that puts out steam at the push of a button, allowing you a constant stream of high powered steam, but only when you want it to. Smart attachments allow you to choose different tools for different steaming needs, such as a long extension hose that lets you reach behind appliances, furniture and into other hard to reach areas. This unit offers you all of the luxuries of steam clean technology in a compact and portable platform that is sure to make your cleaning life much easier.

  • Compact Design:

    This appliance is small enough to use with a single hand, making it extremely portable and even easier to store out of the way when not in use

  • Steam on Demand:

    Control the output of steam with a single push button

  • Smart Attachments:

    Attachments are easily interchangeable and allow you to clean hard to reach areas