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Fabric Steamer

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Fabric Steamer

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Steamfast Fabric Steamer

Refresh and restore your favorite fabrics with the high powered steam of the Steamfast Fabric Steamer (SF-510). This unique steamer is designed specifically to help you remove stains and restore color in fabrics and upholstery like curtains and couches, so that you wont have to spend top dollar for professional cleaners to do the same job. Understanding that these jobs require adjustable length and often hands free situations, Steamfast built this steamer with an adjustable and removable telescopic pole that can help you reach to the top of your curtain rods, or down below the bottom of the couch.

An integrated collapsible hanger system can offer you a hands free way to utilize the steamer and makes storage convenient and easy. Unlike many similar steaming products, this unit has the amazing ability of heating to steaming temperatures in under 45 seconds, so you can quickly turn it on and get to work. The steam created by this appliance comes out in a continuous fashion so that you wont have to worry about holding down a trigger while you clean, and it can produce this steam for up to 50 minutes. Another unique feature about this steamer is that you can fill the water tank without having to cool down the unit, allowing you to continue steaming for long cleaning days. So put away the harsh chemicals and do professional style fabric cleaning yourself with the Steamfast Fabric Steamer.

  • Integrated Collapsible Hanger:

    The adjustable pole cradles a sturdy, collapsible hanger for convenient steaming and storage

  • Continuous Steam:

    This unit produces continuous high powered steam without requiring you to push a button or hold a trigger

  • Cleans Naturally:

    Cleans and refreshes fabrics without the use of harsh chemicals that are often expensive and can hurt the color and texture of your fabrics