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Microfiber Pad 2 Pack for SF-275/MC-1275

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Microfiber Pad 2 Pack for SF-275/MC-1275

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Steamfast Microfiber Pad 2 Pack for SF-275/MC-1275

Keep your steamcleaner operating at its best with the Steamfast Microfiber Pad 2 Pack for SF-275/MC-1275 (A275-020). These pads are manufactured to fit Steamfast models SF-275 and SF-370, and Mculloch model MC-1275. Each pad is designed with microfiber technology that is great for pickup up dirt, debris, absorbing spills, and working through stains, while also being soft on the important floor or counter surface underneath.

An amazing feature about these pads is that they are washable and reusable, so that you wont have to worry about purchasing new pads for every time you have to use your steamcleaner. Each pack comes with two (2) of these microfiber pads so that you can be cleaning with one, while the other is in the washing machine getting ready to be used. Steamfast also designed these pads to be incredibly easy to take on and off as the hook and loop design offers touch-less attachment. Keep your steamer equipped with the best in pad design with these amazing microfiber pads.

  • Compatible With Steamfast Steam Cleaners:

    These pads work perfectly with Steamfast models SF-275, SF-370 and Mcculloch model MC-1275

  • Reusable:

    These sturdy pads can be machine washed and reused for user convenience and to cut down user costs

  • New Easy-Stick Hook and Loop Design:

    Attaching these pads to your mop is easier than ever with this touch-less attachment from Steamfast