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Steam Mop

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Steamfast Steam Mop

Clean your floors like never before with the Steamfast Steam Mop (SF-142). This amazing mop lets you do away with hazardous and expensive chemicals, and replaces that with clean and effective steam technology. Steam mopping allows you to mop up spills and sanitize at the exact same time and uses heat not chemicals to kills germs and bacteria. This particular mop creates a continuous rate of steam so you never have to worry about holding down a steam button ever again, making it much easier and more comfortable to hold and operate the mop.

While you want to be tough on stains and hard spills, you also want to maintain the integrity of the surface of your floors, meaning that the point of contact between the mop and the floor is extremely important. Steamfast has made this mop with microfiber technology underneath that is incredibly durable, yet versatile, as it is great for cleaning sealed hardwood, laminate, stained concrete, linoleum, ceramic, granite, marble, slate and much more. Other convenient features include a removable telescopic pole that allows you to adjust the height level to exactly where is comfortable for you, and combined with a built in cord storage, make this mop easy to store, even in space conscious areas. Overall this mop is easy to operate, great on many kind of floor surfaces, and simply a superior way to clean stains, spills, or sanitize your floor surfaces.

  • Telescopic Pole:

    A detachable telescopic pole makes this mop incredibly maneuverable and comfortable for those short or tall

  • Absorbent Microfiber Technology:

    Microfiber technology makes this mop extremely versatile as it is great for sealed hardwood, laminate, stained concrete, linoleum, ceramic, granite, marble, slate and much more

  • Continuous Steam:

    Forget having to hold down a trigger or manually pump your mop as this mop produces continuous steam