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Commercial Beer Froster

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Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.


Commercial Beer Froster

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Summit Commercial Beer Froster - 24ºF Operation

The Summit (SCFF44FROST) Commercial Beer Froster gets beers colder than the fridge, the ice chest, even the bar! When you keep your beer as cold as 24°F, the lowest point for chilling alcohol before freezing, you're guaranteed a frosty mist every time you pop the top. To enjoy a truly arctic ale, freeze your glass mugs in the unit until they accumulate an icy outer layer.

This unique frosting fridge is equipped with a digital thermostat with external readout, precise temperature control and a top-mounted compressor for added convenience. It also features an adjustable shelf to accommodate larger items, a front door decal available in English or Spanish, four sturdy wheels for easy mobility and a defrost timer to prevent icicle buildup.

  • 24°F Chilling Temperature:

    This Summit Beer Froster maintains a chilly 24°F, just above the freezing point of alcohol. The temperature can also be set to your personal preference using the adjustable thermostat with digital display

  • Commercial Approved:

    This product is ETL-S listed and CalCode compliant, making it perfect for personal as well as commercial use

  • Frost-Free Operation:

    Let the froster do the work with a defrost timer that continuously prevents icicles from building up inside