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Dual Zone Built In Wine Cellar

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Dual Zone Built In Wine Cellar

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Summit Dual Zone Built In Wine Cellar - Stainless Steel

Keep your red, white, and champagne wines chilled with the Summit Dual Zone Built In Wine Cellar (SWC530LBISTCSS). This wine cellar has a 5.2 cubic foot capacity and has six (6) slide-out wooden shelves to hold up to 36 wine bottles at the perfect temperature. Because of the dual temperature zones built in to this unit, you can hold your different wines and different temperatures, meaning that you won't have to worry about your wines spoiling by being too chilled or not chilled enough.

The top temperature zone can hold whites and champagnes between 41 and 50 degrees F, while the bottom zone is great for storing red wines between 50-64 degrees F. Digital thermostats also allow you to monitor and adjust the temperature settings in each zone, giving you the capability to control your wine's temperatures. The finished black cabinet and slide-out wooden shelves give this wine cellar a sleek, modern look while the unit can be converted into a built-in unit to make your kitchen or wine cellar look fantastic. Perfect for the wine connoisseur, the amateur & professional collector, or someone who just loves to enjoy a glass of wine now and again, this unit will keep your wines chilled and secure so you can sit back and enjoy your favorite glass.

  • Factory-Installed Lock:

    The built-in lock keeps your wines safe and ensures no cold air will leak out of the unit

  • Uniform Cooling:

    The dual temperature zones and interior fans allow for a separate but uniform cooling throughout the wine cellar

  • Capacity:

    With a 5.2 cubic foot capacity, this wine cellar can easily hold up to 36 bottles