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Transit Bag For MT45F-U1 - 43 Qt. Model

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Transit Bag For MT45F-U1 - 43 Qt. Model - Open Box

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Transit Bag For Engel MT45FU1 - 43 Qt. Model

The Engel Transit Bag (TBAG45GOB) for Engel Fridge/Freezer - 43 Qt. provides an extra layer of protection and insulation for your Engel portable refrigerator / freezer. If you are using your Engel portable refrigerator / freezer in extreme conditions, you need a transit bag!

The transit bag covers entire Engel portable refrigerator / freezer, with appropriate cut-outs (for power cord and temperature controls) and vents (for heat ventilation), but access to the refrigerator / freezer is still easy - simply unzip the bag on top. The outer layer of durable gray canvas with accessory pocket and ventilation holes protects your Engel portable refrigerator / freezer while the inner layer of reflective insulated material offers top heat protection from direct sunlight and long wave radiation.

The Engel Transit Bag TBAG45GOB (for Engel Fridge/Freezer - 43 Qt.) is a must-have to protect your cargo.