The Weekend Gardener Tote
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The Weekend Gardener Tote

The Weekend Gardener Tote

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The Weekend Gardener Tote

Keep the gardener in your family or friends entertained with the The Weekend Gardener Tote (8412152). This great outdoor gift is perfect for any amateur or professional gardener, and the gift comes complete with tools you'll need to become a gardening pro: gardening gloves w/ rawhide palms, pruning shears, two (2) digging spades, branch snippers, and a spritzer bottle.

Good snacks and treats also come included to keep the garden worker's energy up while tending to the lawn: shortbread cookies, cheese and crackers, sliced almonds, and much more. A gardening notepad is also included, along with three (3) assorted sunflower packages to help make the garden look even more beautiful. The canvas tote makes the overall presentation great, and allows the gardener to take it with them wherever they go.

  • Beautiful Canvas Bag:

    The canvas tote allows you to carry your items around with ease

  • Treats and Items:

    Edible treats and items to help with gardening make it easier for the gardener to do what they love to do

  • Gift to Gardeners:

    Perfect for the residential gardener, this gift will be perfect for them to sow and plant in their lawn


  • Model: 8412152
    The Weekend Gardener Tote
  • Wisdom from the Garden book
    Gardening notepad w/ pen
  • Three (3) assorted sunflower packs
    Rawhide palm gardening gloves
  • Thinking of You shortbread cookies
    Two (2) herbal teas in assorted flavors
  • Creamy Dill cheese spread
    Lemon sours
  • Three Pepper crackers
    Pruning shears w/ rubber handles
  • Tangy BBQ sliced almonds
    Two (2) digging spades w/ wooden handles
  • Spritzer bottle
    Branch snippers w/ rubber handles
  • Canvas gardening tote w/ pockets
    Weight: 5 lbs
  • Assembled in the USA
    Box dimensions: 14" H x 14" W x 12" D