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Napoleon Travel Q Portable Grill

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Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Travel Q Portable Grill

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Travel Q Portable Grill - Black

Grill your favorite foods during your travels when you use the Napoleon Travel Q Portable Grill (TQ2225PO). This grill features a large 225 square inch cooking surface, which is great for cooking large meals for you and your family or friends. The powerful 10,500 BTU circular stainless steel burner ensures that your foods will be cooked thoroughly and evenly, giving you a perfect grill every time. As an easy-to-use portable grill, set up takes no time at all and the grill legs are able to fold, making it easier to store your grill when you travel.

This portable grill may be small, but it can certainly cook like a regular grill: it can hook up to a propane tank to get the powerful cooking that even the largest grills provide. The cast iron grid sears your food to perfection, while the Piezo ignition ensures that you get a powerful flame that cooks your food evenly. This unit is also very simple to clean, as the removable grease tray can be disconnected from the grill and easily dumped and washed. Ideal for anyone who goes camping, RVing, boating, or tailgating, this portable grill will meet all your cooking needs with ease.

  • Large Cooking Area:

    With a cooking area of up to 225 square inches, this portable grill can cook a surprisingly large amount of food in a short time period

  • Portability:

    Fold in legs and an ergonomic handle make this grill perfect for carrying to your campsite or for lugging around when you're traveling

  • Uses Propane:

    This portable grill can be hooked up to a portable propane tank to cook your foods to perfection