Echelon Built-in Clear Ice Maker

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U-Line Echelon Built-in Clear Ice Maker

The U-Line Built-in Clear Ice Maker CLR2160 is both stylish and tasteful. Producing elegantly shaped, clear ice cubes, the CLR2160 is the ultimate in clear ice making technology. It boasts the highest daily ice production of any ice maker in its class.

For those applications that do not have access to a gravity-assisted drain, a drain pump must be installed. We strongly recommend the use of a model with a lubricated pump.

Other features also make this model a solid choice.

  • Ice Production And Storage:

    This U-Line ice maker produces 60 lbs of ice and stores 30 lbs of ice a day.

  • Easy To Use:

    This U-Line ice maker has a Sabbath mode, three-hour temporary shut down and a self-cleaning process.

  • Customizable:

    This U-Line ice maker accepts a 1/4" flat or raised insert custom door panel or full overlay custom door panel.


  • Model: CLR2160
    Accepts a 1/4” flat or raised insert custom door panel
  • Brand: U-Line
    Dimensions: 34-1/8" H x 14-15/16" W x 24" D
  • Highest daily ice rate up to 60 lbs
    Weight: 100 lbs
  • Stores up to 30 lbs of ice
    Grille Height: 3-3/8"
  • Produces 32 ice cubes (7/8"W x 7/8"H x 7/8"L) per cycle
    Leveling Legs included
  • Quietest clear ice maker available
    Frost-Free Technology
  • Touch Control Digital Technology
    Available in 220/230V at 50/60Hz
  • Easy self-cleaning process takes less than 45 minutes
    Run Amps: 4.0
  • No defrosting required
    Max Start Amps: 26.5

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