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2 Bottle Wine Dispenser and Preserver

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2 Bottle Wine Dispenser and Preserver

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Vinotemp 2 Bottle Wine Dispenser and Preserver - Black

The Vinotemp 2 Bottle Wine Dispenser and Preserver (VT-WINEDISP2) is the cure for all of your turned-wine woes. Perfect for all wine drinkers, from the connoisseur to those that just enjoy an occasional glass, this wine dispensing and preservation system capably extends the life of opened bottles of wine. In fact, the use of nitrogen gas cartridges enables you to store any bottle of wine for up to 45 days. Further protection is provided by the beautiful and functional dual-pane insulated glass door that prevents harmful UV light from compromising the integrity of your wine as well as the valuable nitrogen gas from escaping. The powerful compressor paired with the digital thermostat give the wine dispenser/preserver the power to reach temperatures as low as 45°F, and has an attractive blue LED readout to show current temperature for peace of mind.

This compact model was designed for placement on your kitchen countertops or bar tops, and has an efficient rear-exhausting ventilation system to keep the unit cool and quiet. The unit also features built-in adjustable leveling legs that allow placement on surfaces that may not be perfectly level to ensure noise- and vibration-free operation. The dispenser component of the machine uses silicon stoppers and other components that are FDA approved, and gives you the option of dispensing wine continuously until the button is released or in 1-ounce controlled pour increments. The blue LED interior lighting helps illuminate the inner cabinet with the press of a button to let you show off your selections, and is sure to add elegance to any setting where wine is enjoyed.

  • Two Dispensing Options:

    There are two (2) separate buttons for each bottle, letting you choose to dispense wine continuously or in 1-ounce increments

  • Digital Thermostat:

    Accurately monitor the interior temperature levels with the compressor-based, digitally-controlled thermostat

  • Extends Life of Wine:

    The use of nitrogen gas cartridges lets you store open bottles of wine for up to an entire 45 days without compromising wine quality
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