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Tower Heater

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Tower Heater

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Vornado Tower Heater - Black

Keep any room in your home comfortably warm with the Vornado Tower Heater (ATH1). Heat is effectively circulated with the ATH1 without the need for oscillation, using Vornado's V-Flow technology. V-Flow keeps a high volume of warm air circulating continuously throughout the room to keep any room in your home, not too hot or too cold, but just right. Conventional heaters typically only heat the area directly in front of the unit, without means of circulation the warm air rises to the ceiling, leaving the room cold.

The ATH1 showcases an LCD screen that displays the set temperature and houses the touch screen controls for easy operation. Safety is key, and the unit features an overheat shut-off protection and a cool touch case, while the sturdy base also features a safety tip over switch.

  • V-Flow Circulation:

    Without the need for oscillation, V-Flow circulation continuously moves a high volume of warm air through the room, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere

  • Touch Controls:

    The electronic LCD display with touch screen controls make the tower heater easy to operate

  • Safety Features:

    With a safety tip over switch, overheat shut-off protecting and a cool touch case, you can place the tower heater safely in any room in your home