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Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

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Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

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Vornado Whole Room Tower Air Circulator - Black

Reduce the operation costs of your heating and cooling systems and increase their performance with the Vornado Whole Room Tower Air Circulator (154). This powerful air circulator uses Vornado's V-Flow™ technology to force air through the specially-designed airflow channels in a wide pattern that can cover rooms up to 800 sq. ft. in size. Choose the Vornado Whole Room Tower Air Circulator for its contemporary styling and effective circulation and ventilation functions.

  • V-Flow™ Air Circulation Technology:

    The specially-designed wide coverage airflow system eliminates the need for oscillation, reducing the potential for breakage of moving parts

  • Remote Control Included:

    Conveniently control your air circulator from across the room, and store it in the handy magnetic cradle so you never have to look for it

  • Maximizes Heating and AC Effectiveness:

    The powerful whole-room air circulation makes sure that hot or cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room

  • Timer Function:

    The four (4) time modes can be set at 1, 2, 4, or 8 hour intervals

  • Coverage Area:

    The tower circulator can move air efficiently through a space up to 800 square feet in size