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Solar eCharger

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Solar eCharger

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Wagan Solar eCharger

The Wagan Solar eCharger (2558-5) is a unique and easy way to keep your mobile devices charged, even when you are outside. Weighing only a half a pound, this flip-up solar charger is small enough to fit in a backpack, purse, or other convenient carrying location so that you can have it right at hand when you need it. The charger utilizes two (2) mono-crystalline solar panels to power a built-in lithium ion battery.

This unit can charge using the solar panels or with an AC adapter that allows you to utilize this power supply indoors and outdoors. Indicator lights let you know when the battery is charged so that you can plug in phones, iPods and much more to the power supply. This power charger is great for keeping your phone charged on long hikes, camping trips, and even at events such as festivals, and carnivals.

  • Two (2) USB Power Ports:

    Easily hook up phones, iPods, computers and much more to this power supply

  • Solar or AC Power:

    Charge the lithium ion battery on this power supply with flip up solar panels, or with an AC adapter

  • Indicator Lights:

    Know exactly when the battery on this charger is full with convenient indicator lights