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Waring Pro

Wine Chiller - Open Box

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This "Open Box" product is in excellent condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with little or no cosmetic blemishes. The product has been tested for quality assurance and is certified "Open Box". All "Open Box" units include a 90 day parts & labor warranty through the original manufacturer and are not eligible for a “buyer’s remorse” return. *Note – units manufactured by Danby do not include the original manufacturer’s warranty. Please review our main “returns & refunds” page for full details.

Waring Pro Wine Chiller - Black/Stainless Steel

Chill a bottle of wine for that special evening with the Waring Pro Wine Chiller (PC100OB). This unit is perfect for the wine connoisseur among your friends or family, and even for those who would love a chilled bottle of wine with their dinner. The built-in CPU control allows you to control the temperature and also features a library of over 30 preset wine temperatures for red, white, and champagne wines.

This unit can fit wine bottles of up to 3.5 inches in diameter, and chills each wine using the internal thermo-electric Peltier module. With it's streamlined body and backlit display, this unit allows you to relax while the wine chills to the perfect temperature. Entertaining guests, hosting family events, or serving restaurant patrons has never been easier!

  • CPU Control:

    Controls temperatures and holds library of over 30 wine temperatures

  • Capacity:

    Can hold and chill any wine bottle up to 3.5" in diameter

  • Compact:

    With a streamlined body, this unit can fit almost anywhere in your kitchen, den, or game room