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R-18L Series Ductless Kit

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R-18L Series Ductless Kit

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Windster R-18L Series Ductless Kit (Charcoal Filter)

Convert your Windster R-18L Series hood to become ductless with the Windster R-18L Series Ductless Kit (R-18LDK). This kit is great for kitchens where exhaust duct work is not possible. When you use the R-18LDK, the hood purifies the air instead of exhausting it.

The Windster R-18L Series Ductless Kit uses charcoal filters to purify fumes and exhaust from cooking. The air is then re-circulated throughout your home for improved air quality. If you don't have the right atmosphere for an exhaust system for your hood, the R-18LDK is definitely the way to go!

  • Purifies Air:

    This kit not only removes fumes and exhaust from your home, it also re-circulates and purifies the air

  • No Ducts Required:

    If your kitchen does not have an exhaust duct, it's no worry -- get the R-18LDK

  • Recirculating Mode Use:

    The only mode you can use with this accessory is the Recirculating Mode