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Console Style Whole House Humidifier

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Console Style Whole House Humidifier

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Essick Air Console Style Whole House Humidifier - Light Oak

While smaller units are good to use in individual rooms, whole house humidifiers let you skip the hassle of moving the unit from room to room. The AIRCARE Console Style Whole House Humidifier (H12300HB)can humidify a home of up to 3,700 square feet. This American made unit offers variable speed control along with quiet nighttime settings for when you sleep.

  • Capacity:

    A 5.4 gallon water capacity, an easy-fill water bottle, and a refill hose that will fit most faucets makes maintenance a breeze

  • Automatic Humidistat:

    Once you have set a target humidity level, the unit will constantly work to maintain the selected level

  • Simple Maintenance:

    The super wick filters are long-lasting, easy to replace and the 2-stage AIRCARE filter helps prolong the life of the wick

  • Analog Controls:

    Use the controls to set the humidity level and motor speed to the setting that work best for your home

  • Casters:

    To add mobility the Console is equipped with E-Z Roll casters, making it easy to move when needed