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14" Cast Iron Fish Cooker

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Bayou Classic

14" Cast Iron Fish Cooker

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Bayou Classic 14" Cast Iron Fish Cooker

Make your favorite seafood creations with the Bayou Classic 14" Cast Iron Fish Cooker (B159). Although able to cook many different types of food, this cooker is designed and ideal for cooking fish and other of your seafood favorites. The cooker is powered by a single 6" cast iron burner that has a 55,000 BTU capacity, making it more than strong enough to cook, grill, or fry any kind of seafood. Surrounding the burner is a welded steel frame that is amazingly durable and incredibly balanced for a strong and evenly balanced platform.

Underneath the burner is a unique 360° windscreen that protects your flame from being blown out, even in the windiest of conditions. Also included with the burner is a heavy duty cast iron pot that is amazingly versatile for grilling, boiling, and frying. Additionally Bayou Classic includes a perforated aluminum basket that further adds convenience to your cooking experience, especially with frying or boiling your fish or seafood. The cooker is powered by propane and requires just a single tank to be connected to its easy and convenient 36" steel hose. So grab some fish, and friends and let this cooker help you make mouthwatering meals that are sure to impress.

  • Included Cookware:

    The fryer comes included with a cast iron cooking pot with a cast iron lid, as well as a perforated aluminum basket for easy and convenient frying and cooking

  • Wind Screen:

    Underneath the burner is a built in 360° wind screen that allows you to confident that your flame wont burn out even in the windiest of conditions

  • High Pressure Burner:

    A 6" cast iron high pressure burner has a heating capacity of 55,000 BTU's, making this cooker powerful enough to cook all of your fish and seafood favorites