Bayou Classic SP1 $59.00

14" Single Jet Cooker

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Bayou Classic

14" Single Jet Cooker

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Bayou Classic 14" Single Jet Cooker

Cook, boil, and impress with the large capacity Bayou Classic 14" Single Jet Cooker (SP1). This jaw dropping burner allows you to cook and boil an incredible amount of food with ease and comfort. The cooker's frame is built out of black welded steel that is more than up to the task of remaining durable and strong as you move, store, and cook with this burner over and over. To go along with this theme of durability, the burner itself is made out of cast iron that is heat resistant and known for being dependable in when utilized in burner design.

The true beauty of this jet cooker is its power, as its single burner can put out a whopping 185,000 BTU's for incredible cooking options. This powerful burner uses a unique flame spreader technology to move the heat throughout its large 14" cooking area, ensuring that heat is dispersed openly and evenly to whatever you are cooking on top. Other convenient features include a 20 psi adjustable regulator and a 48" hose that makes connecting the burner to the gas cylinder easy and convenient. The burner is recommended to run off a 20 lb gas cylinder, but weighing only 12 lbs, this burner is easy to pick up and move to where you have the cylinder stored, and the long hose makes connecting convenient and easy. Overall this burner is compact yet extremely powerful and versatile and will be a great addition to your cooking arsenal.

  • Powerful Burner Design:

    This powerful cooker comes equipped with a burner that puts out an incredible 185,000 BTU at full bore

  • Welded Steel:

    Made with durable welded steel, this cooker will be up to the challenge of cooking your meals for years to come

  • Great For Large Diameter Pots:

    A 14" cooking area, and the extremely strong burner allow you to heat or boil large diameter pots with ease