Bayou Classic

16" Banjo Cooker

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Bayou Classic 16" Banjo Cooker

Experience the incredible cooking power and efficiency of the Bayou Classic 16" Banjo Cooker (KAB4). This amazing cooker allows you to cook, or boil an immense amount of food with its single 10" burner. Bayou Classic designed this burner to be able to produce a whopping 210,000 BTU's of power, making it strong enough to cook even the heartiest of meals. Able to support 100 qt. stockpots, this grill is not only powerful, but it is insanely efficient as it can cook a massive amount of food at a single time.

For cooking outside of stock pots, this burner has a 16" x 16" cooking area that allows you to place any shape pot, or pan stably on top of its flames. The burner is made with cast iron that is known for being dependable and durable as it will last you for many large family or friend cooking events. Powered by propane, this cooker utilizes a low pressure design that is safe and efficient, and a built in 30 psi regulator eliminates flame spikes and further adds to the safety of the cooker. With a large cooking area, an incredibly powerful burner, durable design, and simplicity of use, this cooker is a great addition to any party, and will help you cook massive amounts of food with ease and comfort.

  • Powerful Flame:

    With an incredibly strong burner, this cooker can put out 210,000 BTU's, making it strong enough for even the largest cooking tasks

  • Large Capacity:

    A 16" x 16" cooking area lets this cooker support up to 100 qt. stock pots, making it ideal for crawfish boils and other large quantity cooking jobs

  • Cast Iron Burner:

    A sturdy cast iron burner is surrounded by a welded steel frame that is extremely durable and will be sure to be useful for years to come