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Stockpot w/ Lid & Basket

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Bayou Classic

Stockpot w/ Lid & Basket

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Bayou Classic Stockpot w/ Lid & Basket - Aluminum

You can be sure to cook like a pro when you use the Bayou Classic Stockpot w/ Lid & Basket (8000, 1000, 1200, 1600). This stockpot is made of aluminum, making it durable and up to any tough cooking job that you have in store, allowing you to put your focus on other kitchen tasks. The vented lid allows you to slowly and easily vent the steam out of the pot, making it easier for cooking and steaming, and allows you to avoid accidental burns. The heavy duty riveted handles enable you to carry the heavy pot (even at its fullest) without fearing that the handles will break off. This is perfect for when you have to transfer your food from one burner to another or on a table to cool down.

With the perforated basket, you can easily steam, boil, or fry your food with ease, and without burning your hands in the process. The basket allows you to cook your food without dropping it straight into the water, because the perforated basket holds your food while it cooks. A built-in indentation in the pot holds the basket 2 inches above the bottom of the pot, making it easy to steam or boil your food. When it's done, all you have to do is lift the basket out and put your food on the plate! Ideal for any kitchen setting, this stock pot can cook anything from soups and gumbos to seafood and turkey. So be sure to send your guests home full and happy!

  • Durable:

    Made of durable aluminum, this stock pot can stand up to the toughest cooking jobs

  • Cooking Options:

    You can cook anything from soups to seafoods, as well as fry your favorite foods like chicken and catfish

  • Safety:

    The perforated basket allows you to keep your hands free from burning water or oil