Filter + Frame Kit 1800

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CellarPro Filter + Frame Kit 1800, #1368

Keep your CellarPro cooling unit running at tip-top form with theCellarPro Filter + Frame Kit 1800 (CPU1368) on the job. It ensures that particles and dust won’t clog up the works with a 100% non-woven, graduated-density polyester filter. This kit installs without a hitch thanks to its color-coded design and sturdy magnets holding it in place. For your safety it meets UL Class 2 flame-retardant requirements.

  • High-Performance Design:

    This 100% non-woven polyester filter has a graduated density to trap more dust and particles than any other synthetic filter

  • Easy Installation:

    Color-coded for your convenience, this filter is held snugly in your cooling unit with magnets for easy installation and replacement

  • Safe:

    It meets UL Class 2 flame-retardant requirements


  • Model: CPU1368
    CellarPro Filter + Frame Kit 1800
  • Brand: CellarPro
    White on air-entry side and blue on air-exit side
  • Made for use with all CellarPro 1800-series cooling units
    High-performance design traps dust and particles
  • Durable metal construction
    Fits snugly over condenser coils
  • Held snugly in place by magnets
    Easy installation and replacement
  • 100% non-woven polyester filter
    Meets UL Class 2 flame-retardant requirements
  • Graduated density
    Weight: 1 lb.
  • Flame retardant
    Dimensions: 9” H x 13” W x 1” D