Remote Display/Control Unit

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CellarPro Remote Display/Control Unit

Keep a close eye on your cherished wine collection even at a distance. The CellarPro Remote Display/Control Unit (CPU1603) installs where you need to tweak adjustments on your CellarPro cooling unit from a distance. Its intuitive controls let you easily control temperature, lights, power, and defrost. It features a bright LED display encased in a stainless-steel mounting plate for a clean, modern look.

  • Convenient:

    This remote unit lets you maintain control over your CellarPro cooling unit from a convenient distance.

  • Intuitive Use:

    A simple interface lets you adjust settings to suit your wines’ needs with ease.

  • Versatile Installation:

    It can be installed nearly anywhere if your CellarPro cooling unit is in a hard-to-reach or remote location.

  • Sleek Look:

    While the bright LED screen provides an easy-to-read display, the included stainless-steel mounting plate gives it a refined style.


  • Model: CPU1603
    CellarPro Remote Display/Control Unit
  • Brand: CellarPro
    Controls power, temperature, light, and defrost
  • Designed for use with CellarPro cooling units
    Variable-speed fans and the condenser can’t be operated from this remote unit
  • Allow control panel to be installed in a remote location from the unit
    Includes stainless-steel mounting plate
  • Perfect for cooling units installed in hard-to-reach or remote locations
    Can be wired from the front or rear of the cooling unit
  • Easy-to-read LED display
    Input Voltage: 115 V/ 60 Hz
  • Connected via 10 feet of 18-gauge, low-voltage wiring
    Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years
    Dimensions: 1.14” H x 2.8” W x 1.25” D
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