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Classic WafflePro

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Classic WafflePro

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Chef's Choice Classic WafflePro - Stainless Steel

Make delicious waffles for breakfast just like you had when you were a kid with the Chef's Choice Classic WafflePro (852). The nonstick-coated plates make it easy to remove your waffles, so you aren't struggling with removing them and risking the chance of burning them. Able to cook waffles in up to 2 minutes, this waffle press has an adjustable temperature control with 6 cooking settings, allowing you to cook your waffles from slightly cooked all the way up to crispy. The even heating also ensures that your waffles are evenly baked and not inconsistent.

This press also features a quick temperature recovery, allowing you to start baking more waffles instantly after the last one comes off, which is great when you have to cook a large amount of waffles in a small amount of time. A floating hinge is built into the top part of the press, helping with uniform heating and even baking, especially when the waffle is bigger than normal. An easy-to-use latching handle keeps the waffle press locked when in use or storage, and the small, lightweight design makes it easy to store the waffle machine anywhere you need it to go.

  • Uniform Cooking:

    With a floating hinge to ease the baking process, the waffle press ensures a uniform cooking throughout each waffle

  • Six (6) Bake Settings:

    An adjustable temperature control and six (6) cooking settings allow you to get the perfectly-baked waffle every time

  • Fast Baking:

    Each waffle can be thoroughly cooked in 2 minutes or less, allowing you to cook even more in a short amount of time