Chef's Choice Pro Knife Sharpener White
Chef's Choice 320W $99.99
Pro Knife Sharpener White
Chef's Choice

Pro Knife Sharpener White

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This professional two-stage Chef's Choice FlexHone/Strop Diamond Hone 320 electric knife sharpener incorporates conical 100% diamond-coated disks in Stage 1 and a revolutionary stropping/polishing disk in Stage 2 to create an edge of unprecedented sharpness and durability on fine edge (straight edge) and serrated knives. Enjoy the new stropping/polishing technology of the FlexHone/Strop Diamond Hone 320 that resharpens with less metal removal than conventional means, even less than sharpening steels.

Key features include: high precision angle guides that eliminate all guesswork; two-year warranty; assembled in the U.S.A.; and UL/ETL and Canadian Approval. The FlexHone/Strop Diamond Hone 320 professional Knife sharpener is a precision machine designed to deliver unsurpassed sharpening satisfaction for a long, long time!


  • Model: 320
    Chef's Choice Professional Knife Sharpener - White
  • For straight-edge and serrated blades
    Unbelievably fast, foolproof results
  • Two sharpening stages
    Assembled in the USA
  • Precision angle control
    UL/ETL and Canadian Approval
  • 100% diamond abrasives
    Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Unique stropping and polishing
    Dimensions: 6.625"h x 10.625"w x 6.5"d
  • Warranty: 2 years