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Ultra Hone Sharpener

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Chef's Choice

Ultra Hone Sharpener

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Chef's Choice Ultra Hone Sharpener

Keep your best cutlery sharp and ready for action when you use the Chef's Choice Ultra Hone Sharpener (112B, 112W). This three (3) stage electric knife sharpener helps to keep your knives at their best for years to come, and it utilizes diamond abrasives to keep them sharp. The precise knife guiding system helps to guide the knives through the sharpening process so they won't risk becoming scuffed or scratched, while the powerful AC motor ensures that each edge will never be detempered when run through this sharpener.

Stage 1 and 2 of the sharpening process use 100% diamond-coated disks to sharpen and strengthen the blades of each knife, and Stage 3 takes that 100% diamond technology to create and hone the Gothic Trizor edge that is stronger than the best factory sharpness. Both straight and serrated blades can be sharpened with this sharpener, and the UL approval allows it to be used in home and residential environments. Perfect for any kitchen, this cutlery sharpener will keep your knives strong and sharp so you can always cut your best.

  • Diamond Abrasive Technology:

    100% diamond abrasives make it easier and quicker to sharpen and hone the blades on your knives

  • Sharpens Various Edges:

    Both straight and serrated knife blades can be sharpened using this machine

  • Safety:

    The UL approval makes this knife sharpener easy and safe to use in residential environments