Jobsite Coffee Maker

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Jobsite Coffee Maker

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COFFEEBOXX Jobsite Coffee Maker

Enjoy a hot beverage anywhere, anytime with the COFFEEBOXX Jobsite Coffee Maker by OXX (CBK250). This single-serving coffee brewer is designed to work with common, pre-existing coffee pods that are either single use or reusable. But this isn’t your standard office coffee-brewer. The COFFEEBOXX is a tough, heavy-duty appliance intended for the jobsite. Designed to withstand a 1,500 Lb load, the COFFEEBOXX is as tough as the jobs you can bring it to.

For non-coffee drinkers, the COFFEEBOXX features a dedicated, separate on-demand hot water line that’s perfect for teas or on-the-go instant meals. The 2.5L water tank—which is designed to be watertight—can make up to 10 cups of coffee without having to take a trip to refill. The coffee maker is easily portable, features a retractable cord, and even has six external tie-downs to keep it from rocking about.

  • Heavy Duty:

    Designed to withstand heavy weights, water resistant, and easily portable

  • Single Serving:

    Uses common single-serving coffee portions such as K-Cups

  • Dedicated Hot Water Line:

    Make tea or hot meals with a dedicated hot water line separate from any coffee residue